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May 25, 2018

GIVEAWAY TIME! A Dash of Chels is finally here! Head over to the ‘About’ section to find out why I wanted to start this whole shindig in the first place!

To celebrate this launch I’m giving away a @freepeople purse, @kendrascott earrings, and a @ourface_style thermos! This is for U.S. residents only! Contest starts 5/25 and ends 5/30 at midnight. Winner will be announced on 5/31! 🎉 

To enter- 
(Extra entries available on my Instagram post!)
1. Leave a fun fact about yourself on my giveaway post on the blog and I’ll give you 5+ entries! 

(My go-to fun fact is that I lived in Australia for 3 years 🇦🇺 Aussie Aussie Aussie!)

20 comments on "A DASH OF CHELS IS HERE!"
  1. This is a -dash- of fabulous! So excited for this new venture in your story!

    Fun fact: when I was 16 I once drove halfway to Tulsa on accident. I went east on the turnpike (past i35) and didn’t realize there’s no exit to turn around for miiiiiles! It was horrible and I was freaking out.
    Sarah Bolfer

  2. Chelsea is not only an impressive photographer, but she’s also a phenomenal friend with a delightfully charming sense of fashion! If you have not checked out her social media- DO IT NOW! Don’t miss out on one of Oklahoma’s top fashion influencers!

    **Fun Fact**
    When I was a kid, my wildest dream was becoming a Lakers Cheerleader and being on Dancing with the Stars. Now most of my dance moves happen when I’m cooking dinner. A girl can still dream right??

  3. One: Chels, this is AWESOME! So excited for you. Ps. Pls help me and Mel ��
    Two: I will be a certified yoga teacher in 4 weeks!!! And I’m writing a book (hopefully)!!

  4. This is an adorable giveaway Chels! I’m so excited to follow along your journey! �� My best friend’s name is Chels! Haha ♥️

    Fun fact: I’ve never been/ridden in an airplane! ��✈️
    -Susie Lujano ��

  5. So happy for you Chelsea!! You are the cutest person, and I am already in love with ~A Dash of Chels~. Fun fact about me is that I have been practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu for about six months, and I love it! It is completely out of my comfort zone, and I hope to start competing soon, which is scary, but exciting :)
    XOXO Megan Tipton

  6. Hello!! I would love to be considered for this give away! I found you via Facebook Kendra Scott page! I am always ready for a new blog/fashion/life page! So inspiring!

    I have my fun fact on your Instagram post! ��

  7. i absolutely love what you’re doing!

    fun fact: i’m an aspiring fashion designer🤩

  8. You go girl!!!

    My fun fact is that I used to be a competitive figure skater!

  9. I'm so excited and happy for your new blog. I love your fashion ideas and you always look AMAZING.

    My go to fun fact: I also lived in Australia for 3 years. Oi, Oi, Oi!!

  10. This is ADORABLE!

    My fun fact is I spent two semesters working at Disney World and miss it everyday! <3

  11. Love this!! 💕
    Fun fact: I’m obsessed with dashunds 🐶
    Kaylen Gregory

  12. Sooo proud of you!! Your blog is the cutest!!! I know you are going to be an amazing blogger!

    Fun fact: I only have 11 rib cage bones instead of 12

  13. So so proud of my sweet friend!!! This is SO you ❤️❤️❤️

    Fun fact: I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a teacher since Kindergarten ��

  14. Chelsea you are going to be the best blogger! You are just the cutest!

    Fun fact - my tooth #30 is fake

  15. What a great looking website!!
    Fun Fact: I own a square foot of land in Scotland. It was a gift from my dad so that I would have a noble title. Lady Melissa that is!

  16. I love you and I’m so proud of you! So happy to see you happy!

    Fun Fact: I got my Black Belt in Tae-Keon-Do when i was 14 years old!

    Danyelle Dyer

  17. I have a Harry Potter tattoo :) subtle but it’s there and I have no shame

  18. So happy for you! Can’t wait to follow your journey and blog posts!! ��
    fun fact: I’ve been to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Australia!!

    Ashton Lascano

  19. Fun fact: I own my own calligraphy business and love trying any new art forms atleast once!

  20. So excited to start following this blog!
    Fun fact: I was named after someone on mtv the night before I was born!