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Men's Under $50 Valentine's Gift Guide

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February 04, 2019
I put together a few of my favorite (or should I say Chad's favorite) items to give to the man in your life for Valentine's! You might recognize one or two of these items, but I really tried to venture out of the 'normal' gifts I give every year. (Although with classics like, Calvin Klein Underwear, you just can't go wrong!) Happy shopping friends! 
P.s. it's totally okay if you add something to your cart for yourself, right? Asking for a friend.

1. Wildsam City Field Guides I love these because there are several cities to choose from. All the way from the east coast to the west. It would be so perfect if you're planning a trip together this year. I've actually picked these up in store and they do not disappoint. Even if you don't have a planned trip yet, they are still pretty nifty to have.
2. Fossil Men's Leather Wallet You can't go wrong with a leather wallet. This one has amazing reviews. 
3. Herschel Supply Co. Toiletry Case Chad. Loves. Toiletry. Bags. Not so much shopping for them, but more so that he has another bag to put bathroom odds and ends in. When I met him, he was stilling using one from high school. Which do not get me wrong, I think it's fantastic it held up that long, but investing in one in adulthood is important. Quality travel items are a necessity for us. 
4. Jack Black Skin Saviors Set ...And to go along with that travel bag, get him this Jack Black gift set. It values for $56 and sells for $35. Totally worth it!
5. Set of 4 Beer Jelly This is one of those products that I thought was really unique. If Chad and I weren't doing the Keto diet right now, I would be alllll over these. 
6. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster This is one is SO cool. I really like that it's a great excuse to stay at home, watch movies, and cuddle. 
7. Custom Face Socks I'm guessing you may have seen these before, but I still had to throw them on here for that one person who has maybe not! I would make these with Lucy and Mochi's face! 
8. Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine I'm really hoping Chad isn't reading this right now, because this is actually what I want to get him for Valentines. And for the price?! You can't beat that with a stick. 
9. Couples Coupons I gave these to Chad one year and he thinks they are hilarious. He loves a perfect opportunity to use one, especially when he thinks I've forgotten!
10. Calvin Klein Underwear I added these because wow they are on sale for a steal of a price and also because Chad loves them. I bought some over Christmas and they were definitely not on sale like these ones are! Most sizes are in stock, so I would snag a pair while you can.