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Wooden Ships Story + Sweaters

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March 04, 2019

Have you ever loved a company so much you want the whole world to know about them? That's how I feel about Wooden Ships. Born from an idea after backpacking in Bali, Paola and Mark created Wooden Ships. A knit sweater company dedicated to sustainable and ethical production.

Let me start this post off by mentioning that I've worn this sweater non-stop since I received it and it has not pilled or snagged. I truly mean non-stop by the way; I wore it to brunch, to work, and even skiing! Wooden Ships prides themselves on high quality knit sweaters that make you say "WOW"! (Seriously, they keep a folder of emails from all their happy customers!) Can you believe that each sweater is made to order? Keeping no stock inventory means less waste in the world and a special piece of clothing made just for you. How special is that?

Since Wooden Ships owns their factory in Bali, they are able to offer their employees a lot more than just fair wages. Wooden Ships is able to give their workers free healthcare, generous vacation time, and honors local religious observances. They also give employees extensive training and room for growth within the company. For instance, knitting machines were traditionally operated mainly by men, but Wooden Ships has broken that barrier with over 60% of their operators being female.  You can always read more information about the generosity of Wooden Ships here.

Wooden Ships regularly donates to a multitude of charities, which is just another reason to adore this company. In 2014, they were able to raise $1 million for a plot of rain forest to help save the world's last 700 endangered Borneo Orangutans. They are 85% powered by solar- isn't that amazing? They also ship all sweaters in eco-friendly biodegradable mailers. Wooden Ships hopes to become zero waste in the future, and works towards that goal every month.

Today is the last day to order from the 'Lucky' collection to receive in time for St. Patrick's, but don't fret! You can shop their website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (Psst...You'll find my Rainbow Crewneck Sweater in the 'Lucky' collection.) Wooden Ships is more than just a noteworthy company, they truly care about the world, their workers, and making people look/ feel good! You just don't find that kind of attentiveness every day.
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