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How to Create Moving Images (YES, like Harry Potter!)

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October 25, 2018
Recently I came across a photo on Instagram and noticed that parts of the photo were moving.

 A) I was immediately intrigued. Does it remind anyone else of Harry Potter?! 
B) I began scrolling through the comments to see if the person who posted the photo answered everyone's question: HOW did you do this? 
C) They didn't. So naturally, I began Googling and searching the app store to see what I could find! 

Side note: If someone asks me where I got something or how I edited something, I'm so happy to share. I'm thrilled someone is even interested in what I've posted! So this is why I'm creating this short tutorial! Because what's mine is yours. This is the internet, not the last leg of Amazing Race. I'm here to share all the knowledge I have and I love connecting with people to do so. Community >>> Competition 

I found a couple of apps, but I ended up downloading Enlight Pixaloop because it's free. You can also check out StoryZ Photo Motion and see if it is any different. I noticed that one had in-app purchases, so I haven't tried it yet. It looks like it might have a lot more features though!

Once you download Pixaloop, you can watch the short tutorial they have and probably figure it out for yourself... BUT I'm more of a do-it-myself kind of gal, so I skipped the tutorial and immediately began editing. The best type of photo to use is one with big skies or lots of water. Pixaloop does offer faux sky overlays, but I'm personally not the biggest fan and I wanted to edit my own photo. I think it's a cool feature to play around with though!

Let's edit your photo:

  • When you have your photo uploaded and ready to edit, tap 'animate'.
  • Tap 'path' and draw an arrow in the direction you would like your photo to move.
  • You'll notice your entire photo is moving and probably making you slightly dizzy. Now we want to 'freeze' everything that wouldn't naturally be moving. Which is going to be a majority of the photo most likely! 
  • If you freeze too much, tap the unfreeze button to 'erase' anything you don't want frozen. 
  • You can adjust the speed, but it is automatically at the slowest speed to begin with. I think the slowest speed looked best with my clouds.
  • You can test what your photo is going to look like by hitting the play and pause button on the right.
I'm definitely no expert, but this app is a lot of fun to play around with! It has a bunch of other features other than animation too. I liked beginning with a photo that was super simple and not a ton of sky. Next time I will definitely be editing a photo with lots of sky and more landscape! 

So, what did you guys think? A very amateur tutorial, but again I'm just here to share some fun knowledge! Let me know in the comments if you would like more tutorials in the future! 

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